Threat Landscape

Your “threat landscape” is the totality of who is out there, what they want from you, and how they can damage you.

Every organization has a unique value and a unique array of threats. We analyze your company, your industry, your physical environment, and your global presence, and then we lay out for you the adversaries who have the motivations and capabilities to target you. We start with a snapshot and update you over time as you and your environment evolve.

Threat derives from the motivations and capabilities of adversaries.

An adversary is driven by a purpose: to monetize data assets as quickly as possible for financial gain; to acquire information for strategic use; to steal technology; to despoil the public face of a perceived enemy. You need to see your organization as others do: where do you fit in someone else’s plans?

However, wanting to attack you means nothing if the adversary doesn’t have the capability to do it. Hacking, trade secret theft, and economic espionage have costs. We show you where your adversaries stand: the resources they have at hand, their level of technical sophistication, the pool of talent from which they can draw. We track their development and assess what they can bring to bear against you now, and how they can develop new capabilities to evade your security program in the future.

Supercharge your threat analysis.

Want to derive maximum value from your in-house threat analysis team? We develop specialized analysis products, conduct “tune-ups” to sharpen your team’s focus and effectiveness, and provide ongoing consulting and advisory support. And if you don’t have your own internal threat analysis unit, we can do it for you.

Let us teach you.

We are passionate about what we do and we get rave reviews for our presentations to AFCEA, FBI, Infragard, US Cyber Command, the Houston World Affairs Council, and more. Ask us about our popular talks and how we can develop a custom briefing to address your security concerns.

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  • Build on a strong foundation.

    Your threat landscape as the starting point for strengthening your entire organization. The next step is a threat-based risk assessment that helps you make decisions for deploying your limited security resources. Then, we help you design and a holistic security strategy that addresses human, cyber, and physical threats.