About Us

Betsy Woudenberg, CEO
Betsy defines IA’s vision of Intelligence Community experience and insight for private sector security. She leads IA’s programs for security strategy and analysis and is a recognized Intelligence Community expert in human and technical risk factors in critical infrastructure control systems. She teaches about SCADA security for the Intelligence Community and FBI, and speaks at cyber conferences on security topics such as threat assessment and economic espionage in the energy industry. Betsy is a graduate of Stanford University and is co-founder of IA, assuming the role of CEO in May 2013.

Tim Turqman, President
Tim’s decades of experience in operations management and training design helps guide IA’s clients in developing their own successful security strategy. Tim is an adviser to the Intelligence Community on training and a public speaker on commercial espionage threats and tactics. Over Tim’s thirty-year career at CIA he was a successful Case Officer and mentor, senior manager of operations, and trainer for countless officers. Tim is a CIA certified instructor and was the director of CIA’s premier operational training courses. Tim is a graduate of George Mason University and a recipient of CIA’s Career Intelligence Medal. He is President and co-founder of IA.

Gordon Kingma, Special Advisor
Gordon’s direct experience living and working as an operations officer for CIA helps ensure that IA’s training and support services balance practical solutions with creative problem-solving. Gordon has extensive field experience in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East and has helped train the next generation of officers at CIA’s premier training facility. He is a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and has an International MBA from Purdue University and Budapest University of Economic Science. Gordon is co-founder of IA and served as CEO until May 2013, and is now a special advisor to the company.